2017 Fantic Gravel-X


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Dealer Insights

Fantic introduces the first ever pedal assist gravel bike on the market globally. The gravel is the missing link between the sporty road bikes, the mtb and the travel bike. The gravel is an innovative concept that offer many possibilities; ideal for the medium-long distance adventure rides, for light off road riding on the way to work, for messengers use and students you can use a Fantic gravel in any situation of life.
Versatile, agile and limitless, with an incredible battery autonomy and the capacity to carry bags for long rides or daily shopping. Not only a new pedal assist concept, The gravel is an all new lifestyle.
Fantic GRAVEL X is the most off road of the versions. Perfect to ride in the woods and to challenge uphills and downhills with its 29’ wheels and 2.2” tires which guarantee great grip offroad and smooth ride on roads.
Front Rock Shock Recon with 100mm of travel and lock out, potent hydraulic disk brakes, strong in muddy and wet conditions.
The GRAVEL X is also available with the bigger battery, LONG RUN, with 630Wh. With this bigger battery we have recorded up to 115 miles of range with one charge. It takes 3.5 hours to fully recharge the battery and 2.5 hour to get it up to 80% charge from zero.
All Fantic bikes are equipped with a Brose motor, the leader in the industry. Our batteries are BMZ (from Germany) with 3 years warranty.