2017 Fantic XF1 Casa


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XF1 Casa


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Fantic XF1 Casa – The first Fantic’s e-bike Full Suspension.
Fantic XF1 CASA is equipped with 27.5” wheel and 3” plus tires. The plus tires are the crave of the market since they deliver added traction and more stability, while providing more surface to glide on top of rock gardens and unstable terrains.
Particular attention was paid when studying and creating the rear triangle so to deliver the best stability and reaction when riding in extreme conditions. The forged CNC balancer provides the most comfortable feeling and with its monolithic structure the rear kinematic comes alive.
The engineers behind the creation of Fantic racing motorcycles are the ones that also created the XF1 frame and you can absolutely feel the cross over of technology and design. The amazing drive ability that this MTB offers is off the charts.
The XF1 CASA is also available with the bigger battery, LONG RUN, with 630Wh. With this bigger battery we have recorded up to 115 miles of range with one charge. It takes 3.5 hours to fully recharge the battery and 2.5 hour to get it up to 80% charge from zero.
All Fantic bikes are equipped with a Brose e-motor, the leader in the industry, with the highest torque (90Nm) yet dispensed kindly and in a progressive system. Our batteries are BMZ (from Germany) with 3 years warranty.